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Healthy Lifestyle and Chronic Conditions

Welcome to the Healthy Lifestyle and Chronic Conditions Self-paced class. This class is made up of 13 video modules, each followed by a short quiz. The Healthy Lifestyle Guide is a downloadable resource that will support your learning and allow you to have a printed Guide if you so choose. Each video begins once you click on the arrow and has the instructor talking over each slide and expounding on what the slide is showing. You will be able to download a Certificate once you complete the class. The content in this class gives you the most up to date health & conditions information. Though this class is needed for the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification – NBHWC Path, it will support you as a health coach regardless. If you have questions or run into challenges please reach out to Keep on Learning! The Real balance Team

Wellness Coaching Ethics and Legal


Laser Coaching 2020

Laser Coaching 2020 June 7th, 9th, 14th, and 16th (4 Tuesdays) 3 – 5pm ET - Plus online self-paced work.

Masterful Health & Wellness Series

Diabetes Education for Wellness Professionals

What Wellness Professionals and Those Living with Diabetes Need to Know Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. has partnered with …

Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching In this 12 hour (8 hours of webinar + 4 hours of online self paced learning) class you …
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